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Consultancy/Advisory services

Consultancy/Advisory services

We support our clients optimize their supply chain management by critically evaluating their freight logistics processes and operations to identify areas of strength and weakness, building on the strengths, and recommending appropriate solutions from minor fixes to major overhauls depending on the complexity of the identified issue. Through the intelligent use of information and strategic thinking, we deliver solutions for current and anticipated challenges which enable our clients to optimize their supply chain operations and management.

Other areas where we support organisations include:

  • Supporting organizations select their 3PL providers and perform appraisals and audits for the already appointed 3PL suppliers.
  • Providing overseas representation either on a task or assignment basis or on full office representation. We do this with the highest level of integrity, transparency, accountability, and corporate governance.
  • Route planning and choice of modes of transport to achieve safety, timeliness, and cost-efficiency in the management of your freight logistics from the smallest to the largest.
  • Providing guidance in securing compliant documentation governing your freight logistics requirements to achieve timeliness, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Providing guidance in customs rules and regulations for source and destination markets to achieve compliance with the laid down regulations.
  • Risk management by helping you identify potential risks in your freight logistics planning and management and supporting you to develop effective and cost-efficient plans to mitigate the impact of such risks on your business.
  • Providing information to enable you to process your Letter of Credit.
  • Effective use of Incoterms® 2020 rules.

We actively listen to understand your needs, demands and aspirations before using our expertise and experience to support you in meeting those needs and achieving your aspirations.


Having listened to your needs, demands and aspirations, we provide you with support that can stand the highest levels of corporate governance and competence.


Having listened to your needs, demands and aspirations, we with the highest levels of transparency take responsibility for the support we provide you with